Our team

Street fit Scotland is a not for profit  Scottish  Charitable Incorporated Organisation/Social Enterprise. Our programme provides a route back into the community, a way of re-integrating back into society supporting to become active citizens. We are an inclusive organisation who are committee to:

    – Providing positive experiences
    – Taking a person centred approach
    – Being a trauma informed service
    – Providing long term support
    – Reducing harmful behaviours
    – Promoting healthy lifestyles
    – Relationship focused
    – Encourage community connection
    – Build resilience and team working

Street Fit Scotland wants people to be Street Fit for life!

Inspiring others to inspire

Our programme provides a pathway back into society, a way of reintegrating back into a supportive community, supporting people to become active citizens.

Our Founder


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Our Trustees

Nina Rogers

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Allan Burnett

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Stephen Malden

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Roger Eggins

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Quintin Edwards

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Neeraj Thomas

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