Meet Joseph

Meet Joseph

Joseph is our newest Peer Champion, and has written below how Street Fit Scotland has impacted upon his life:

“Before I heard about Street Fit Scotland, I was quite isolated. Covid and lockdown time was one of the worst if not the worst ever for me. There was a lot of tricky things happening, it was difficult for everyone. As lock down restrictions eased up a little. I managed to stay more at my mum’s as I didn’t like the place where I was staying, and I didn’t feel alright there I didn’t feel settled. It was a bad year in lots of different ways.

However, at 2021 I got a permanent tenancy with a housing association. This felt amazing and changed my life massively. I keep meeting people in bad housing situations at Street Fit Scotland I really feel for them because I know how difficult it is to stay in a place where you don’t really want to be.

I started participating at Street Fit Scotland in 2021. I heard about it through a friend. When I first joined Street Fit Scotland I felt at ease straight away, welcome, safe, and happy. When I booked in, I remember it was a Wednesday, and I met one of the support staff for the first time. He took me downstairs to the community base and we completed the book in paperwork together.

My first activity was the Walking Group. I remember we had a lovely walk up to Arthur’s Seat and Salisbury crags, biscuits, and tea. I also have good memories of a walk we did in Spring to Dr Neil’s Garden. I love that place now I didn’t even know it existed.

Since joining I attend mostly all the weekly sessions, Muay Thai boxing training, Core stretch and Strength and now Gentle yoga, meditation, and breathe-work and boxercise. Every year in the summer I go to Beach Fit. I love this, especially dipping in the sea whilst doing exercises and we finishing off with a lovely lunch. I also love training outside at the outdoor bootcamps in summertime, I love the coaches and instructors at SFS.

I now have a structed week, my fitness has improved, the staff are all lovely. I love the participants they are all lovely people. I love to help others who are having a difficult time. Because of this I was recognised as a champion at Street Fit Scotland. I have a hoodie with champion on it and I wear it with pride. I was recognised for being kind to everyone, considerate, thoughtful, and looking after new participants when they join.

In May 2023, I chose to run a 10k with EMF through encouragement from my brother. I chose Street Fit Scotland as my charity as it is close to my heart, and I managed to raise £670. My running number was the 55460. I ran it in 1 hour and 27 minutes, which was under my target time of an hour and a half. This year I am challenging myself again, my target is to beat my last result. I trained very hard to be able to achieve this, by walking a lot more and attending all the Street Fit Scotland sessions and by doing couch to 5k. I have signed up to a gym now to and I am going about their independently 3 times a week!”