Mark’s Story

Mark’s Story

Mark’s journey of recovery from addiction and homelessness to eventually becoming a Street Fit Scotland champion is an inspiration to us all and evidence of the impact of our work.

“I heard about Street Fit Scotland through my Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN). My CPN took me to my first class and participated with me. I was extremely nervous but once I met everyone and was made to feel welcome. I felt accepted and safe. As I continued attending classes I found my confidence grew, and I got stronger every week. I pushed myself hard at all the classes and learned new techniques from the coaches, which I now practice at home when I need to boost myself.

Stuart, one of the peer champions at Street Fit Scotland stepped in early on and offered me support through mentoring, accompanying me to appointments and sometimes went for a coffee and a walk with me. Building a friendship with Stu helped me build trust with everyone else and improved my confidence. I was a year into my sobriety with very low self-esteem when I joined Street Fit Scotland.

I am now four and a half years sober and living in a flat. This is the difference this charity has made to my life and the lives of others. I am proud to be a Peer Champion at Street Fit Scotland. I fulfil my role as Champion by telling other organisations about the service, sharing my story and encouraging them to join.

The charity is an incredible service to be a part of, I love being able to help others now through sharing my lived experience. My confidence, mental health and wellbeing has improved massively. Even though I still struggle with anxiety, what I have learned is to push myself to exercise even on my most difficult days. Helping other people who are equally coming through tough times means I no longer feel so alone. Thank you to all at Street Fit Scotland for everything you have done for me and others.”