Our Mission:

“Inspiring others to inspire each other”

What do we do?

Street Fit Scotland is a not-for-profit registered charity (SC046638) that delivers programmes of activities based on improving the health, fitness and well- being of individuals and groups. Our service is created alongside the people who engage with us by taking an inclusive and pro-active approach by continually asking evaluating and shaping the service activities around what activities people tell us they would like us to deliver.

We support a variety of people who are vulnerably housed and are affected by or experiencing homelessness.  We aim to reduce harmful behaviours and we are committed to supporting people who are affected by their use of dependence on alcohol/substances or any other issue they would like to work through.

 We aim to reduce social isolation and loneliness, by improving lives, lifestyles and mental health as well as addressing long-term physical health needs.

Our programme offers a variety of workshops that focus on peer support, group work, diet nutrition, confidence building raising self-esteem offering people to access a structured weekly programme of activities.  

How do we do it?

We use physical fitness and activities indoors and outdoors to build positive relationships and community connections.  Bringing people together who are all equally living through tough times supporting them to support each other. All our sessions are engineered to make people feel good and are always of a high standard. All Coaches and Instructors are PVG checked. All the fitness sessions are adapted to the individual needs of the groups we work alongside. We offer a variety of sessions that are fun, free, and fantastic.

We aim to focus on the positive of doing this together whilst getting Fitter, Healthier and Stronger both mentally and physically. We invite referring staff to join in with us and welcome all services in Edinburgh who support the same groups to get active with us making it a shared experience that benefits all.

What you can achieve?

Participants learn to work as part of a team in a supportive environment that aims to raise aspirations and hope. We value people who have lived experience there are opportunities for the participants to inspire others by becoming (peer champions) peer champions are key to the delivery of the SFS service as they have experienced and overcame obstacles in their own lives. Peer champions have added responsibilities at the sessions, and they are someone to look to if you need reassurance. You cannot miss them as they wear t-shirts with Champion written on them. Everyone at SFS can become a champion!

Peer-champions tell us when they want to become a volunteer and take of further responsibilities.  We hope that in the near future we can offer peer champions and volunteers with lived experience employment (Pending funding) by investing in them for the changes they have made through participation and through addressing the issues they needed to change their lifestyle.

Street Fit Scotland is committed to investing in the development and growth of all our participants at the pace they choose.